Monday, December 30, 2013

Week 16: Moving...Moving words & Moving Snow!


I am pretty stoked I am pretty stokeddddddddddddd.


This week was awesomeeeee :) It was so good to see my family again. I missed them a lot. It was so good to see Austin Ethan and Travis and especially mom and dad. Christmas time on a mission makes you appreciate a lot of things. But yeah so this week was pretty good :)

We had two people come to church yesterday that aren't members. We sat with them and we probably we will meet with them again so we are I believe teaching some people now. That’s always good!

This week we did a lot of contacting. Trying to talk to people on the street is fun, I think now. It is not so scary at all, as long as you are doing your best. I got a whole bunch of Christmas cards and I am going to be sending some very belated Christmas cards back :)  yeah I am so excited for this week. I get to play basketball again today :)

And we are moving out of our member’s home soon, we will be staying with to a different home. So yeah :( I am going to miss Thor, Daisy and Max, their dogs. Ha ha ya. I am going to miss living with the cops.  But now we are on to a new adventure. :)

So yeah that was basically all that happened this week. Nothing really too exciting but I learned a little more about God this week! 

God gives battles to only his strongest warriors. God doesn't give us things that we can’t handle. I am sure you have heard of those things but I believe it is missing something. This is what I came up with from reading 1 Nephi 1:1. Maybe he gives us trials so we can come closer to him. "God only gives us trials that we can overcome, not just by ourselves but with Him." God knows the answer and solution to your problem and trial. He knows what you are going through. Why don't we ask him "what do you want me to do?" instead of asking why is this happening. Elder Holland said that in times of trouble we may be closer to God than we think. I firmly believe that.

I learned how important families are as well this week. I learned that families are truly ordained of god and I learned that the Kids need the parents and the parents need the kids. They just really help out each other in this life and it is amazing to see families here and how they are important to Gods plan.

Elder Anani and I shoveled some driveways and it went really well. We were about done and then they saw us out side and then as we were walking back to our house they come out side and say wow thank you! and It was just awesome. it made my day! You feel like the 2 Nephites ;) or just like superheroes walking away (jk there’s three) I love saying that those. Service is the gospel in action :) It is so amazing to do service! So I am super happy and can't wait for this week :) I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year :)

Elder Harrington

Monday, December 23, 2013

Week 15- FA'AMALOSI!! Don't Judge by Hair or Helmet Color, Christmas is in His Presence.


It’s such a wonderful and exciting time of the year :)  It’s starting to snow really lightly here in Parker which I am super excited for! There is not too much snow, but enough to make Christmas awesome :)

So this week was really good. Me and Elder Anani are having a fun time together. He likes to quote from Water Boy a lot and he loves to do just funny things. He is a funny guy. He is a very typical Samoan. Very much into spam, corn beef and roast pig. I guess that’s what happens when you are straight from the islands! FA'AMALOSI (that means be strong!)  So we have been going out to work!!  We have been talking to everyone which is just what I need to do. I think if you knock down talking to everyone you will be a very great missionary. Ha ha  It’s fun to talk to everyone too. Never know what’s going to happen.

I had a cool experience though this week; we were riding our bikes and there was this girl who had pink hair and she was riding her bike, she was ~17. So she was riding pretty slow so I just went past her but Elder Anani started talking to her and then I turned around and started talking to her and then she was really open and nice to talk to us. I wear ski goggles and a ski mask and a beanie then a helmet because we bike in the snow and rain. So my face can get frozen off if I am not wearing that stuff... So I said, “hey sorry If I looked kind of scary.” and then she said to me really sweetly, "don't judge a book by its cover".  I don’t think she really knew what she was saying to me...  I am like, wow that is powerful. I should have never went past her. So from that experience I am now trying to talk to everyone even more!!

It is so cool to be on a mission when you are working hard. I think a mission is like anything you want to be good at it. You got to put in work. You get what you put in and the Lord puts people in your path. So what if you get denied! Christ did and you are doing the best you can. That is how you be a successful missionary. You do everything in your control. SO I am really excited and happy right now and things are going good. Not perfect but that is a journey that is well worth going for.

I love Christmas time!! LUKE CHAPTER 2 is awesome :) Behold I bring you good tidings of great joy!!! :) It makes me so happy to hear those words!! Christmas time on a mission is so nice because you really understand what Christmas is about. It is about Christ’s gift, and it is about his birth and giving. My mom said an amazing quote to me the other day. She said that "Christmas is not in the presents but in His presence." I can't tell you how much I love it and I love you guys for all your support. Thank you soo much for your prayers and love :) I love you guys and I hope you have an amazing and Merry Christmas!! :) :D 


Elder Garrett Steven Harrington

Monday, December 16, 2013

Week 14- Elder Smith tribute, Walmart contact and Welcome Elder Annani!

Hey everyone, I am still in Parker!! My new companion is Samoan!! He is awesome :) I miss Elder Smith though, he was great. So I really want to send this email and focus a little bit on my week but more make it kind of a tribute to Elder Smith. This week was good though :) I am happy. I love you guys.

So this week we met a guy at Walmart. I was walking around and looking for Christmas stuff to send home then a guy came up to me and looked at me and asked if I worked there and then he saw my name tag and was like "Jesus Christ: oh, you work for my God!" So we started talking to him and we asked if we could come by and talk to him some more and then he said ya! So we got his information and we are now trying to meet with him! Ha ha! it’s awesome. God works in mysterious ways. I was really happy that, that happened. So that was really cool to report on :) That is kind of the highlight of last week.

This week was good but also sad because Elder Smith is gone now. He was my trainer and in the mission they have this weird thing that when you are a new missionary and the missionary who trains you is your dad and you are his son. So, Elder Smith was my mission father... ha ha funny stuff but I really just want to report on that.

I want to tell you of some of the things me and Elder Smith did and how awesome he is. He was super nice and happy a lot, he was a very sarcastic guy when I was asking serious questions. I hated it!! He would just be super sarcastic, I really loved his sense of humor though, and he is probably the one of the funniest guys. He’s just awesome.  What we did together as missionaries I believe is we really got people interested in the church. We set the example and I feel like we really showed the light that we had and people notice that something was different about us. I think we set a really good seed in their hearts and made them curious. So hopefully me and Elder Anani (my new Samoan companion) can show them more. I am excited to work with him.

I learned a lot from Elder Smith. One of the thing is that I learned don't worry about what you can’t control and let go of all the little things. I really enjoyed being his companion.

He helped me and when he knew something was bothering me he would just give me a hug and I really felt the Saviors love when he hugged me. I felt like I was in the Saviors arms and that’s how he is going to hug us when we get back home. He helped me keep my head up when things were getting rough and I really am grateful for him. I know that the Lord put him in my path and that I needed him. He is an incredible guy.  I really want to give hugs to people like he did. I believe he had the gift of charity and he could just exercise it at his control and put you at peace with yourself. It was definitely something really cool and interesting that he had.

Me and Elder Smith really got a long good together. He is a great friend and a great guy. He wants to go into video production and do some stuff with that. He loves the cold and I hate it. Ha ha He kills me at night when he likes to put the fan on high and the window open and it’s so cold at night! I and Elder smith liked to do a lot of stuff. One way we would wake up each other is have nerf guns and shoot each other if we got caught falling asleep. Another one was we would make missionary lyrics to regular songs. so like "bear necessities" from jungle book would be "bearing testimony" "500 miles" to "500 doors" we also did "Prezzy, its cold outside" instead of "baby its cold outside" ha ha we did so many wonderful songs. I had the time of my life with Elder Smith.

We had lots of ups and downs but he is an amazing guy, and I just appreciate him a lot for what he had done. He reminded me a lot of my dad. It was awesome. I am super happy to have met him and to know him. Ladies and gentlemen, I just want to say something; that is always an honor to know someone. I am so excited for a new journey but I am sad a little because Elder Smith is gone. He is a great guy and really fun.

He played basketball like a dork but when we sword fight and it was just me and him; he won with a kill shot! Man, it was lame but it was awesome. He’s going to go on and do great things. So this is for Elder Smith. He is amazing and I really wish him the best. I can't wait to see him again. He was like a dad, completely. It was awesome. I have videos of me and him and pictures together so yeah. This was a good week guys. So now it’s time for Elder Anani!! It’s going to be awesome. He is a power house and he is awesome. I can't wait :) Love you all hope you are doing good!

Elder Garrett Steven Harrington

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Week 13: The Savior Heals, Christmas Spirit and Temple Blessings through Service

Alright you guys got me amped up! Thanks so much for all your support. I love you all so what really made this week hard was just I wasn't doing what I should be doing this week. I wasn't putting all of my heart really into this week. Because it’s just hard and I don't feel like we are having any success. Success is not baptizing and having a huge teaching pool. But I am going to have to tell myself that over and over again until I get it through my head. I am so sick of the averageness when there is no need to be.
This week I am going to go out and work harder than I ever did. I love my Savior and I need to work for Him more than ever. I am going to serve and do my best until I cannot do any more. The way to get over the little things is to not let them effect you, control what you can control and do your best. Follow the spirit and you will have peace.

I am going to tell you why this week was awesome though.

This week was awesome because I knew that my Savior is a master healer and He can heal anyone. He healed me at the Christmas devotional. I know that I can do my best because someone died for me so that I can start over whenever and not be affected by it at all. I shouldn't be selfish at all. My will is last here. I have been acted upon and I haven't been acting for myself. I cannot tell you what changed me at the Christmas devotional but I just felt peace. I loved the testimony of the atonement. HE can heal anyone. I have been healed and I am continuing to be healed.

Elder Smith and I have served a family that really needed help with some things around the house and we are now getting them to the temple and they are coming back to church. We are working with their neighbor too. He really loves coming to our church and really loves being around me and Elder Smith because he knows that something is different.

Dinner with the Krauss' went well. We are trying to help them with anything possible so that they can remember the Spirit and so that they will never want it to leave.

We had a Ward Christmas activity and it was amazing. It was a live nativity and I loved the music and I loved how everyone was so happy and the Spirit was so strong. Everyone was getting along with others. There is so much more to Christmas than just receiving presents. It is a time to remember still what you are thankful for and appreciate what you have before it’s gone. I am so grateful for my friends and family, you guys have built me up completely right now and I am excited.

The atonement of Jesus Christ is not just repentance; it is a chance so that you can get back up. I am strong. I go through hard times because I am strong with my Heavenly Father. I need him and I need Christ. I am so excited for Christmas so I can really feel the Spirit here and give more and more and learn the true meaning of it all. I really do know why I came out before Christmas so I could experience this all and I am going to change this mission that I am on. I have been focusing way too much on myself and I have paid for it. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you guys because I love you and I am down right excited to serve! This is why this week was awesome because we served.


Elder Garrett Steven Harrington

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Week 12 Broken pot, Santa Clause and Conversion is Action…

AH! This week was nuts! lol, but it was great too. I am continuing to learn more about the mission and just how great it is and what it does for you. So here is some good praise and report for you guys!

So this week I went on two exchanges, basically that means I am with a different companion for a day! And it was cool and good! I got to be with the leader of the Parker Zone (ZL). That was cool. I learned a lot from him! Then I went with another Elder on Wednesday and it was really cool! We visited with some people that haven't been to church in a while. We got one follow up dinner appointment with them! He has a wife that isn't a member of the church and a kid as well; so hopefully they can be some new investigators! So yeah, we are really hoping. They are the Krauss family. Really sweet family, they have had a lot of interaction with the church and missionaries! So I don't know, we will see where it goes.

So a pretty funny story about the Kraus family; we invited them to the Christmas activity and they invited us in. We shared a scripture about gratitude because Thanksgiving was the next day, (it was Wednesday). So as we were leaving, we said goodbye and closed the door and then I had a call from the other missionaries picking us up to go get dinner, and so I was trying to put my helmet on and be on the phone at the same time and I dropped the phone and I went to pick it up, and my hip hit my bike, and it fell on to this flower pot and shattered it and so did my heart. I thought they were going to be so mad!!! I knocked on the door and I told him the whole story and "…yeah, uh I am sorry but I broke your pot and I will pay for it, I am so sorry!" and he like looked at me like............... and he saw the pot and he said,”…that’s my mom’s antique!!!!!”  Then he was like; “ahh I’m just kidding!” and I am like YAY!!! GOOD!! AHH! So basically I thought I was dead but we still have dinner with them! That is a major minor miracle!!! hahaha

My Thanksgiving was absolutely amazing and terrible at the same time. I am so sick of food and treats. I literally don't want to eat any more food for a long time… We had 4 dinners back to back... I paced myself too. But nope; the members think it’s a game to see how much they can feed an Elder or the missionaries. SO, I am done with food. I think I am going to go on a diet, no carbs… Yeah that sounds good!

And last night we have a member in our ward who is SANTY CLAUS FOR THE MALLS!! haha it was super cool! He goes to Santa School and they learn how to be Santa and they get paid for it! He loves it! It’s the best job ever! hahaha He’s so funny but yeah he loves seeing the kids all happy because He’s Santa! He also loves missionaries! Their home is always red and green; it’s just a very Christmassy home. haha He says it’s so fun because kids come up to him and ask him questions. So we asked him questions and he answered them as Santa Claus. I was very impressed. By the end, he wanted us to be a Santa Claus and go to Santa school because he teaches it. He is so funny and awesome!

Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting and this lady goes up and bears her testimony. After she bore her testimony, me and Elder Traasdahl (not my companion but we have two sets of elders in our ward) got up at the same time. He was sitting on the right side of the chapel and I was sitting on the left. So basically you see two Elders going down the aisles. I was on the left and he was on the right, at the same time and at the same pace. It felt so cool! haha it wasn't planned at all! So it was awesome :)

So that was pretty much my week! I got ski goggles now, and a kind of mask that goes over the lower part of my face and I wear a beanie so when I am out riding at night my whole body is covered and I am so warm! California boy can't stand the cold! I love it! I feel super cool with the ski goggles on as well! So that’s a bonus!

But what I have learned this week about the mission is that the mission is not supposed to strengthen your testimony. Not for you to be super smart about the gospel, and about the church. The mission is all preparing you to be converted to His gospel for the rest of your life. You can have a testimony of the gospel; that is strong but a testimony is just words, don't get me wrong a testimony is great but conversion is action. It is what you do because of the testimony you have.

Because as a missionary, the schedule that you have isn't supposed to build your testimony, the testimony is the bonus of this whole situation, it is supposed to build your conversion. That is the goal, and conversion is bringing others to Christ and being like Christ! I can't tell you how much I love it and I can't tell you how awesome it is that it just all a super intense magnified learning experience. SO that is my report for you all :) I love you all! <3 have a great week:) 


Elder Garrett Steven Harrington

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Week 11 Humble, Control, and Transformation!

WHAT UP EVERYONE!!!!!! YOOOOO COLORADO!!! Ha ha ha I am so happy today! I have finally been able to seek how to be a great missionary!!  I have been working on a lot of things as well but everything is going great!!  I have a whole bunch of better insights on things!! I am so grateful to be on a mission!!

SO I have learned a lot about being humble. I can't tell you how amazing it is to be humble. I am working very hard that it will stay that way as well! I am trying to be humble but confident and not prideful and cocky. I love being humble because it means you are at a state of mind where you can learn what is happening to you, why it is happening, why it needed to happen and what I need to do now! I love being humble! It just makes everything even better!! I bet it is really un-humble to say that I am being humble! But I am! I am learning about a mission and finally getting into the groove of things. But the moment you think you are fine, you are not! So I am just going to say that I am still working on it!! Ha ha ha I just feel like this week is going to be a great week! I am stoked!

I have a lot of faith going into it and I am ready to work! I understand how to be a great missionary and what is a successful missionary. When I came out on the mission I was really focused on the numbers which is so sad, Preach My Gospel says that a successful missionary is measured by your commitment; to find, and teach. So I now understand why we use numbers in the mission field. It is to measure the commitment that a missionary has. It was never about the numbers! It’s about your commitment. What am I doing to be a better missionary each day and I have figured that out and am excited to go to work now!

I have learned about controlling the things you can control and don’t worry about what you can't control! Because you can't control whether a person wants to learn more or not, so don't worry about it. At least you planted a seed and did what you could. :)

The mission is awesome. The mission is where I learn how to live life, this is where I serve, this is where I help, this is where I have faith, learn, be humble, work hard, develop charity and love, patience and trust in the Lord. That is the way to live life! THIS IS A TRANSFORMATION. Do not take things for granted and just love and serve. I am so happy! Thank you for all of your prayers and everything. Even though the work hasn't happened much YET! It is going to, I can just feel it! I love you all so much (: <3


Elder Garrett Steven Harrington

Monday, November 18, 2013

Church was full of Spectacular, Zone Conference, Perseverance and Motivational Thanks to All!

Hey everybody! :) How are you all!?? I am doing okay! This week was definitely a humbling experience once again! It was kind of rough because we had a whole bunch of meetings; and every meeting was different, and kind of confused me but I really learned a lot. I am starting to learn how hard a mission really is but I am also starting to learn how rewarding it is as well.

We had 6 non-members at church this week which was pretty spectacular! Ha ha ha and they were all interested and really happy to be there. It was a really good Sunday! Because one of the non-members that we met, have a little 10 year old boy who randomly found the Book of Mormon and started reading it and he wanted to go to church! He loves the primary program! It’s so fun for him. So, basically a 10 year old boy is bringing his family to church. The dad is super nice and a really good guy; he has another child, a 9 year old daughter, I think. But the sad thing is that he doesn't live in our area :( He lives in the area covered by another set of Elders in our ward; so they are going to go teach him which is awesome! We are all on the same team! :) Love helping out anyone. :)

This week we had a Zone Conference. A Zone Conference is when all the missionaries of Aurora, Arvada and Parker come together and meet with our Mission President together. I learned some good things. The most important thing I took away is obedience... It’s what will really bring miracles and I need to be doing more than what I did back home preparing for a mission because I am on one!

So like if you really want to be a good missionary you got to really be obedient and giving it your all in just about everything. Back home I was doing a lot of scripture study and just trying to learn everything I can before coming out to the field.  Which will definitely help later on, but right now I am still kind of getting into the groove of being a missionary. So back home I was at my happiest point of my life, preparing for a mission and it was really great and fun… I was doing enough to be happy in the world, I learned how to teach lessons and stuff, but I didn't really learn how to talk to people all that well, like real quick on the street. But now I need to do be doing more because I am in a mission field. It is a completely different environment from back home.

So yeah, If I want to be a great missionary; I must be doing everything a great missionary is doing. This is going out every day with no regrets. Because right now I kind of feel like I am back home in high school in basketball.  You see before, I was already pretty good naturally; then everyone else started to work harder after their talent couldn't support them anymore… That’s what I need to do now. I prepared, that was my talent. I know that I have talents and gifts, and now I really just need to work on the talents and gifts more. Because talents can fail anyone, when you do not put in the hard work behind them. There is a John Wooden quote on that, I cannot really remember it all that well but when talent ceases to work. That’s when hard work comes in. That’s perseverance. So I am going to be trying to work harder and more, and just go out with some, no regrets. Can't be scared, just got to try and try again. I got to apply now. I have learned and now it’s time to get to applying.

I need all your help though. I love when you guys send the motivational quotes or just great things that help out in life. So please just keep supporting and encouraging. I thank you all so much for your prayers and all your help. I am going to do better and I want you all to push me as well! So yeah that is my weekly update for you guys!
Thanks for all you do and love you all so much (:


Elder Garrett Steven Harrington

1250 Main street

Broomfield CO, 80020

Monday, November 11, 2013

Week 9: First Lesson, Zone Conference on Love of Christ and Faith

Y’all are saying I have been out like two months and its scary! AH!!! I can't believe it!! I have been out for a full 6 weeks in Colorado and two weeks in the MTC!!! Its nuts!!! This week was super interesting. We had another zone meeting and I had my first lesson with a person that was interested in the church. The sad thing is she only came down from Aurora to just have one lesson. It went okay, we learned what we could do better the next day and I just love doing an alright job and then really learning what you can do better. She lives out of our area so we cant really teach them everything and to make news even worse. All my pictures got deleted! AH!
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH oh my gosh. :(((((((((((((((((((((( dang it. I am sooooooo frustrated!!! Ha ha ha I only had about like 60.. :(My goodness. But I did figure out a way to make my pictures smaller so I can email them! So yeah that’s always good :) But dang it!
Anyway, this week was a little hard towards the end. It started out really good! We had another zone meeting and it was really good. We kind of lost our focus for trying to get 42 baptisms by the end of December. We just focused so much and we kind of forgot the whole reason why we were trying to get 42 baptisms. We were shooting for 42 baptisms because we wanted to give Christ a gift. More people to come unto Him and for the people to get to know how amazing Christ was and I took away two things from that meeting. This is why I am really glad I went to institute and had amazing teachers to show me all those things. It really made an impact in the meeting. I remembered the scripture account of Christ on the shore after he died and went to see his disciples. They were fishing at night and Christ was talking to Peter on the shore. It is in the account of John. This is when Christ asks Peter if he loved him three times and Peter says, “Yes”. But what is so interesting about this story is that he asks, “Do you love me?” three times and it might not make sense why he asked him three times. Peter answers each time and says he did love him, but it does make sense in Greek. In English there is one word for love but has different meanings; I love you as a friend, I love you as my brother and I love you; like I care about you a lot and I would do anything for you type of love. It is really interesting that we say, “I love you”, but sometimes we don't know what type of love it is. But in Greek there are three types of love. The New Testament original translation is from Greek.
So there are three types of love in Greek but they mean different types of love. Eros is one of them and that means an intimate, romantic type of love. The next one is Philia; it is a brotherly love, love of a friend. Then Agape, it is a love that means that I love you more than anything, a selfless love. What is so interesting is putting the Greek translation near the English scriptures. So in the Greek account, Christ asks Peter. "Dost thou agape me?" so in English basically Christ is saying. Peter do you love me more than anything? Then Peter says unto him, "Lord thou knowest that I philia you" "Then feed my sheep." then Christ says again unto Peter; "Peter dost thou agape me?" and Peter says unto Christ... "Lord thou knowest that I philia you"... then the last time that Christ asks Peter if he loved him, he says; “Simon Peter, dost thou philia me?” and Peter says unto Him, “Lord, thou knowest that I philia you.”
Christ has an agape love for everyone and it’s really hard as humans to understand that love. That’s why Peter said philia to Christ because he could not understand the love that Christ was inferring. But what is so cool about this story is that Christ, is a God of love. He comes down to our level of our love and He takes what we give Him. Even though he loves us more than anything, because He loves us so much that He wants to just be a part of what we have and just wants all the love that we can give Him. I told the zone that in the meeting of all the missionaries in the Parker area, I told them that Christ always takes what we give Him. We need to stop focusing on a number to accomplish and focus on the best of the love we can offer to the people and what the best we can offer to Christ because He has given so much back to us. So all of the missionaries realized just do the absolute best you can at all times and in all things and He will take it.
Now obviously Love is important to have but really make that love strong in Christ. We must have faith in Him.
I remember another scripture account of Peter with Christ walking on the water. This is probably the coolest thing that I have learned this week, about faith. I will show you the greatest and prime example of faith, and faith in Jesus Christ. So the apostles saw Christ walking on the water and Christ saw that they were afraid and He said to be of good cheer, it is I. BE NOT AFRAID. Then Peter said Lord if it be thou, Bid me to come unto you and He said "Come" So Peter walked out on to the sea; to go to Jesus. So now you are probably thinking; “Wow, he is about to walk on water…” No, he is walking on the water. What incredible faith? Nope, that is the least amount of faith in the section of scripture. I am sure that it took some faith and trust in Christ for the Lord to say, “Come”. Now I relate that to our time. The lord is never going to give something we can't handle, especially when He says COME. But going back to faith; what is faith? Ether 12:6 says, “I would show unto the WORLD! that faith is things which are hoped for and not seen.” Peter sees Christ walking on the water. Christ has said "If you have faith the size of a mustard seed ye shall be able to move mountains." Why is such little faith required to do such a big thing? The size of a mustard seed is so incredibly small. Do you see the relation of actually how small the amount of faith he had to do a marvelous and huge thing? Walking on water; moving a mountain. I can't do that, but that is not a trial of faith or at least a big one because He saw Christ walking on water. And faith is a thing which you cannot see but you hope for to be true. So now I am going to show you the real example of faith, and the real trial of faith.
"But when He saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid and was beginning to sink." See that right there is another example of how small the faith was to walk on water. Faith and fear cannot exist in the same place and at the same time, and you also notice that he lost his focus on Christ. Wind in our day is the same as it is back then. Satan was working really hard on Peter in that time. One of Satan’s biggest tools is doubt, discouragement, fear..... It is one of the strongest tools that Satan has and will not sell for anything. So, back to the wind; wind is not a huge thing but it can cause so much of a distraction. Small distractions are enough of a distraction for us to lose our faith and focus on Christ. Like when we are doing homework and we get distracted by a cell phone. When we lose our focus on Christ we begin to sink. When we get scared, we begin to sink. You know why? Because the fear of something is worse than the thing you're actually scared of. "The Fear of failure is worse than the failure itself."
The fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. Because the mind is so powerful, I am telling you that we are living far below our privileges. Look back to Christ and Peter walking on the water, we already established that Peter had just a small amount of faith, enough to walk on water. So what was the other side of his mind filled up with so that He could walk on water? He probably KNEW THAT HE COULD DO IT! Because he saw Christ was already doing it. Will power is sometimes all you need, just the power to believe that you can and you will. Or he was focused on Christ so much and he just wanted to be with him. So I am now going to show you the real example of faith. IT IS SO COOOL!! When he saw the wind boisterous he was afraid and beginning to sink, He cried, saying, “Lord, Save me." if you haven’t figured it out yet. The real example of faith here is when we are just down on our luck; when we are in our time of need. When we see all the things around us and are afraid. We feel like there is nothing we can do anymore to make it better. That’s when we lose our fear and doubt for a second, a good minute, maybe even an hour and just hope and have faith. Because there’s nothing we can do anymore except just say "Lord, save me".
Those three words changed my life and that’s when I really understood that the Lord is our Savior and Redeemer. Reaches out to us in our time of need, in your worst times, because that’s when your faith is magnified. The amount of faith in those three words probably had so much faith in them that it could not be avoided. The choices of words were perfect. The Spirit was in Peter in that moment when He was down, about to sink. He couldn't see Christ anymore. He was sinking, that’s why it was a real example of faith and because he knew He was there but he just could not see Him. What is faith? Faith is the thing hoped for, but not seen. When Peter said those three words; he was exercising such huge faith by a small way. Saying three words, “Lord, save me”. Now hopefully, you see the real weird thing about faith. HOPEFULLY! If ye have faith the size of a mustard seed you will be able to move this mountain. I wonder why the scriptures never said if you have bigger faith you will be able to… ya know? But now I know why. Do you see how interesting faith is? Peter had amazing and huge amount of faith and exercised it by just a simple way in a huge person (Christ) because of the situation. The reason why He was saved is because of Christ.
THROUGH CHRIST ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! Christ took all the faith that Peter had and made it possible. That is so crazy!! Then in the next verse it is says "And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand and caught him. O thou of little faith…wherefore didst thou doubt?” I told you! It was a little amount of faith to walk on water but when He exercised his huge faith in Jesus Christ, down in his dire moments. It says immediately Jesus caught him and stretched forth his hand. I don’t think Jesus ran to Peter either it. It just says immediately. I believe that Peter walked far enough to Christ so that He was able to save him when he said I need your help or Christ was already really close to him and all he needed to do was stretch forth his hand. We honestly don't know how far Christ is when we can't see him and when we ware sinking. He might seem far but He isn't. He is right there just wanting to extend his hand, but won't or can't until you say, ‘Lord, save me”. Sometimes He won’t save us because He doesn’t need to save us in certain situations because He KNOWS YOU CAN DO IT BY YOURSELF. That’s what I bet he wants to say to us all the time. "Just look at what you can do! Don't worry about me right now. I'll fill in the rest but just try and look at what you can do! You’re going to do marvelous things."
That’s what I mean that we are living far below our privileges. We honestly don't know how much potential we have but the adversary does and so does your Heavenly Father and the adversary is going to do all he can to stop you. He is going to use fear the most because fear is the strongest thing that he has against you. Because you won’t do it if you are scared; Or you don’t do it well if you do, because you are scared. Because the fear of talking to people and wondering if they will hate me or like me or not, is worse than you talking to them and if they like you or not.
That’s what I took away from that meeting. If I love my Savior; if I love Christ and love representing Him, I am and can, and will do my best. I can do what the Savior did and He loves me so if I do my best, I know that He will take what I can give him because I did my best and to do my best I must have faith in Christ that all things are possible and I really got down on myself yesterday.. I just was like having a lot doubts about myself and just feel like I am completely useless... I asked my Heavenly Father. “Why did you send your son down here to suffer for me?” I was about to go into all of things I don't like about myself and I heard a voice say. "Don't you dare say those things. I love you too much for you to think them and for you to hear them from yourself. I sent my Son down here because I love you and he loves you more than anything as well. Don't doubt yourself ever because I love you and don’t ever feel like you're worth nothing. You are meant to be you for a reason and that reason is for you are to be you for other people…"
I felt calm after that, I felt peace and loved. A mission is hard and what I really don't like about it is that I feel that I have to act that I am okay at all times. Sometimes when I am not and pretend that I am strong when I am not. I was never like that and I never want to be like that, I just need to get some space sometimes. It’s really hard when you can't but I am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who comes to you in a time of need and helps you find a way to get over these things. I want to do my Heavenly Fathers will and I know that I can do it and I know that I can get through it. I love you all and all of your support and I am so grateful for it.
Last thing:
They had the primary program this week and it was really cool seeing all the kids sing and I was singing along and they were bearing their testimony, but one family and a kid had a real effect on me. They have kid in their family whose name is Austin but he looks like my brother Ethan. He’s 6 and looks so much like him and I was playing with him, playing with Legos and talking to him and he kind of acts like Ethan. And I started to cry a little bit in their house, wishing that I spent more time with Ethan, playing with him. I got letters from my brothers and it was so great to hear from them and what was so cool about getting them is just how much I cried after reading them... Ethan who is 9 years old shocked me so much. He wrote p.r. (please read) instead of P.S. I loved it soo much and what was really cool was on the back side of the paper. He ran out of room on the front side. so all it had was on the back is "have faith in yourself Garrett" I was absolutely shocked that He understood that and I just felt so much strength and I read the letter from Travis saying Hi Garrett I miss you playing basketball with me. Austin’s letter I couldn't understand much but I just felt love and I love my family so much now and I am amazed at how much love can build up in a person and just affect you so much. I love my family and I am really grateful for them now. I miss them a lot but I know that that is okay. Because people are amazing, especially my family.
I am grateful for all my friends back home. I find tons of people out here that are just like them from back home. This place reminds me of home so much and I love living here in such a beautiful place serving others and loving others. It was a pleasure to write all of you and share you my experience this week. I love you all and thank you all for your support. (:
Elder Harrington with Elder Mr Incredible

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 8: More Service, Sports and...GATORS!

HEY EVERYONE! How are you all doing!!?:) I am doing great! last week was pretty nice, not much happened but we got some potential investigators! We are hoping to meet with them this week! So that's really good! Nothing happens in missionary work till you have people to teach!! I might be able to see V! or Elder Ruiz, its so funny, friends from back home I always call them by their first name on accident even though they are a missionary .. Like I saw Joey in the the MTC. I am like hey Joey!!! and then I am like AHHHH, ELDER ZAMBRANO... So it might take me awhile before I get use to calling V. Elder Ruiz, but that is who he is. An Elder, a defender of the faith. 

So I got to play football last week! NEVER EAT MCDONALD'S BEFORE PLAYING FOOTBALL AND BASKETBALL!!! oh my goodness... My stomach was just hurting soooooooooo bad! ha ha always wait 30 to 40 minutes after eating... blah. But yeah it was fun:) I played all time QB, trying to make my dad proud since he was a QB! No interceptions!!! 3 Passing TD's and 2 Receiving!! ha ha ha It was great. I went deep on the last play for the win and I caught it and we won!! I love my Parker zone. Full of athletes and just funny guys. Like we had to recite a scripture before blitzing ha ha. WE'RE SO WEIRD! BUT Awesome at the same time! I love it. So ya, that was a good time.

We got to help out a missionary last night before he goes out to MTC on November 12th. It was the same guy who gave the farewell talk that I was talking about last week. We sat down and talked to him about the mission, tried to resolve any concerns and he got to sit with us during after sacrament meeting with the other missionaries and just had a great time. He said it was great to experience that, and he is 18 and he just wants to serve which is awesome and basically what all you need to do when going on a mission. I love helping pre-missionaries go out on their mission because I was there, and I just want to give them some good tips before going out that really helps. So we did and he said he felt way more at ease after talking to us all. I gave him all the things from my mission prep so that he could use it on his mission. He is going to be a great missionary. He's going to Alaska, Elder Justice. Missionary work is so awesome because everyone is just supporting each other, and loving one another and it is just great.

We work at the Parker Food Bank for the people that don't really have the money to afford food. We loveeeee working there. There is a guy there named Steve. He is an amazing guy, I just want to tell him, "Steve. if there were more people like you, there wouldn't be a need for the restoration!" He is just so amazing, He loves to serve. He loves the missionaries, I want to get a Parker Task Force shirt and just have him autograph it. Just a great guy. He coaches basketball just like me!! He asks me about what to do for coaching, ha ha. Its kind of cool:) So I helped him out with that, what is so sad is that you can not proselyte during that time when you are working at the food bank. Like, when we are volunteering you can't talk to people about the church unless they ask you. You are just there to serve but that is awesome. That's exactly who Ammon was in the Book of Mormon. Just a servant and he helped thousands become converted so...ayeee, you never know!:)

We got Nerf guns last week. Me and elder smith. It is sooo hard to wake up at 6:30. You got to bed around 10:30 and wake up at 6:30, So me and Elder Smith have a system now. We have hospital beds which are amazingly comfortable. Just knocked out after 10 minutes. So I set my alarm in the closet so I have to get out of my bed to go get it. Go downstairs, eat, stay on my feet so that I can stay awake and if my companion isn't up by the time I get done eating; I go back upstairs I shoot him with a Nerf gun. missions are so fun  Ha ha He just gets mad at me even though he tells me to shoot him if he falls asleep.

We also got to help a person move, His name was MARIO!!!!! Super nice guy. We saw him moving and asked him hey can we help and he said no at first and then we talked to him a little bit more, and so he said he's moving to a bigger place in the same complex. He said he was moving all the little stuff today and then me and Elder Smith asked him, "What about the big stuff!?" and he said he was moving it tomorrow at 9 am. He then asked, "Whats the catch?" and we said, "nothing!" He asked if we are just good Samaritans. So we helped him moved the next day and it was pretty fun:) When we got done he tried to give us money for the church, but we told him we could have dinner with him and he said yeah sure so we are going to try and set that up. He said that he likes to help people move, and so do we. That's all Mormons do Saturday mornings! lol We hopefully want to invite him to church so that he can really feel the spirit being with us some more, and then set up dinner. He's a great guy.

Then I got to talk to a guy that use to be active when he was a kid. He was going to go a mission then something happened and he just kind of fell away. He loves his family and the people of the church though. So we are going to try and have dinner with him sometime soon. He knows that families can be together forever, the church is true. He knows that, he is just lacking a little bit of his testimony so hopefully me and Elder Smith can help him. He is a great guy.

What I have learned about the mission so far about being here is that you love people right away when you talk to them. Back home, if we just talk to someone random on the street it would be a nice little convo; but then we would kind of just go our separate ways. But here, you just want to be friends with everyone and just love them. We don't say that but that's what we really feel. The gospel is so great and can help anything. It takes a little faith though and faith definitely has patience involved, so if they just could try to have that faith, and that patience then things would all work out, but we are impatient.. I see the scripture of Alma come into place"...that this earth life is a time to prepare to return to God." It really is a testing ground. It's hard but you grow and you get stronger.. I love being here and at times it might be hard but "hope on, journey on" as Elder Holland says it best. I definitely know why he says that now. Then President Eyring will come into it all "I know that I can, with the Lords help" and this is where Elder Harrington comes in.. I know that I will.

Hope on, Journey on, I know that I can, I know that I will, with the Lords help.

I love you all. Have a great week 


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Monday, October 28, 2013

Finding, Serving and ELDER RUIZ IS IN COLORADO!


Parker is amazing! No investigators, but we are doing a lot of service and talking to people. We are working hard and that’s what really matters! So basketball of last week was awesome!! It reminds me a lot about high school ball…so awesome. We have a guy in our zone that is 6'8 280 or 260 and just an amazing guy!! He dunked on me though :(((( but that’s okay I crossed him up!! 3 balls all over!! we have some pretty good ballers and athletes over here.. my companion is way into curling though…yeah.. Idk but he is probably the funniest guy in the whole zone! I love him. He really is a blast and a great missionary. I love being here in Colorado! I got some amazing news!

Villiami Ruiz or Elder Ruiz is now in my mission! I can't believe it! Elder Ruiz was a priest in my priest quorum back home. I have a friend from back home on my mission! It is so exciting! I love it! I can't wait to see him and give him the biggest hug! I am grateful for this. Can't wait to learn from him some more.

This week was very hard but it just all got made up by Sunday. Church is the highlight of my week and always will be that’s where we receive that revelation for that week I feel like. I love church, feel the spirit so strong on your mission at church and the sacrament is literally what I need at the end of every week!!!! A mission is so physically and emotionally tiring ha ha. Luckily, I have great zone leaders and missionaries surrounded by me that really help a new missionary up.

I went on exchanges again this week but with the district leader and that was really fun and it’s really cool hearing all the missionaries who have been out longer and their experiences. Okay, but this week we visited a lot of members and did a lot of service here. We knocked down a hill at this senior center and it was to stop the rain from being stuck at the building.. We got fed lunch there and this old man he was really old and he was cracking us up his name is George. He’s like, "what are you guys doing here" and we told him we are making the ground a little bit more level so the building doesn't float off and then George asked us, “Is that possible?” and we were like well that’s why we are doing it and George said. "I would love to see that" ahhahaha I died. Then the man who takes care of George told him to finish eating very politely so that he could take him home and he’s like, “who are you!?” and he said "I am your neighbor. I am taking you home." and George said "you know where I live?" and he said "yeah I do. Right next to me." and George said, "I don’t even know where I live." hahaha we were trying not to laugh because he was being serious about this whole thing but it was just so funny!!!!!!! gotta love old people. They are so wonderful to serve and just talk too.

It was a great and stressful week because we are trying so hard to find. I became very humble again yesterday. I was like what am I doing wrong? Just completely focusing on myself I guess the entire week, just trying to become a better missionary and so I just had a prayer in mind to heavenly father and in my heart and I am like “Heavenly Father what can I do?” Sunday in church is where we receive our answers. I know I do... The whole topic was just about service. I knew that was the answer. Don’t worry about anything else.. Just serve. The scripture was on DC 4. "Serve him with all your heart, might, mind and strength." Two young men spoke on that topic. One was going on his mission to Alaska and he spoke a lot about what that scripture means to him and he said some great things. His farewell talk reminded me a lot of mine. He talked about the atonement and that he made some mistakes as well, I just love the atonement and Christ so much. That is just my source of strength and I know that is a lot of others people source of strength as well and some strength that are hidden that we need to give to them. A lot of people are tied down sometimes but it is the atonement of Christ is what sets us free and just makes life so much happier. A second chance to just love; charity. Christ is just amazing. I love having his name on my tag…

I love so many pictures of him and all these other things. Back to Sunday; the farewell talk was great; but there was a 12 year old boy whose heart was bigger than the world. He was very good at speaking. He spoke of his conversion story. He told a testimony of how the missionaries came to his house and asked him if he wanted to know more about Christ. He said yes and he learned about Christ and was baptized 5 weeks later. He said he felt a wave came over him and that he was forgiven and he was crying. It brought me to tears. Converts are such special people and I love hearing them talk. They are so grateful for the life they have now. I gave the closing prayer that Sunday and after I ended my prayer I went to the boy and I said to him, “Can I tell you something?” and he said, “yes”. I told him, "you are an example to us, and we love you." I don't know why I said it but I felt like I needed to say that to him and He smiled so much. It was amazing. He had the light of Christ in him so much and he’s going on to do great things. He brought his family back into the church.

I love witnessing miracles. And that of itself is a miracle. Reminds me of a scripture,"…Suffer the little children and come unto me, for such is the kingdom of God".  It’s in the New Testament. I know that to be true. That kid sets an example to all of us. I love this work and I love this people. I got to keep trying harder and serving better. I can't wait to become as a child again. That’s what I am working on. Humble, Love.

So that is my weekly update to you! I am now starting to learn sign language and play piano because there is a family in my ward that has a deaf daughter and she is going to be baptized soon. She is wonderful and 8 years old, so happy and full of love. So I want to be able to participate and not just use my words and then have them translate to her. I want to speak to her!


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