Monday, November 18, 2013

Church was full of Spectacular, Zone Conference, Perseverance and Motivational Thanks to All!

Hey everybody! :) How are you all!?? I am doing okay! This week was definitely a humbling experience once again! It was kind of rough because we had a whole bunch of meetings; and every meeting was different, and kind of confused me but I really learned a lot. I am starting to learn how hard a mission really is but I am also starting to learn how rewarding it is as well.

We had 6 non-members at church this week which was pretty spectacular! Ha ha ha and they were all interested and really happy to be there. It was a really good Sunday! Because one of the non-members that we met, have a little 10 year old boy who randomly found the Book of Mormon and started reading it and he wanted to go to church! He loves the primary program! It’s so fun for him. So, basically a 10 year old boy is bringing his family to church. The dad is super nice and a really good guy; he has another child, a 9 year old daughter, I think. But the sad thing is that he doesn't live in our area :( He lives in the area covered by another set of Elders in our ward; so they are going to go teach him which is awesome! We are all on the same team! :) Love helping out anyone. :)

This week we had a Zone Conference. A Zone Conference is when all the missionaries of Aurora, Arvada and Parker come together and meet with our Mission President together. I learned some good things. The most important thing I took away is obedience... It’s what will really bring miracles and I need to be doing more than what I did back home preparing for a mission because I am on one!

So like if you really want to be a good missionary you got to really be obedient and giving it your all in just about everything. Back home I was doing a lot of scripture study and just trying to learn everything I can before coming out to the field.  Which will definitely help later on, but right now I am still kind of getting into the groove of being a missionary. So back home I was at my happiest point of my life, preparing for a mission and it was really great and fun… I was doing enough to be happy in the world, I learned how to teach lessons and stuff, but I didn't really learn how to talk to people all that well, like real quick on the street. But now I need to do be doing more because I am in a mission field. It is a completely different environment from back home.

So yeah, If I want to be a great missionary; I must be doing everything a great missionary is doing. This is going out every day with no regrets. Because right now I kind of feel like I am back home in high school in basketball.  You see before, I was already pretty good naturally; then everyone else started to work harder after their talent couldn't support them anymore… That’s what I need to do now. I prepared, that was my talent. I know that I have talents and gifts, and now I really just need to work on the talents and gifts more. Because talents can fail anyone, when you do not put in the hard work behind them. There is a John Wooden quote on that, I cannot really remember it all that well but when talent ceases to work. That’s when hard work comes in. That’s perseverance. So I am going to be trying to work harder and more, and just go out with some, no regrets. Can't be scared, just got to try and try again. I got to apply now. I have learned and now it’s time to get to applying.

I need all your help though. I love when you guys send the motivational quotes or just great things that help out in life. So please just keep supporting and encouraging. I thank you all so much for your prayers and all your help. I am going to do better and I want you all to push me as well! So yeah that is my weekly update for you guys!
Thanks for all you do and love you all so much (:


Elder Garrett Steven Harrington

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