Monday, December 16, 2013

Week 14- Elder Smith tribute, Walmart contact and Welcome Elder Annani!

Hey everyone, I am still in Parker!! My new companion is Samoan!! He is awesome :) I miss Elder Smith though, he was great. So I really want to send this email and focus a little bit on my week but more make it kind of a tribute to Elder Smith. This week was good though :) I am happy. I love you guys.

So this week we met a guy at Walmart. I was walking around and looking for Christmas stuff to send home then a guy came up to me and looked at me and asked if I worked there and then he saw my name tag and was like "Jesus Christ: oh, you work for my God!" So we started talking to him and we asked if we could come by and talk to him some more and then he said ya! So we got his information and we are now trying to meet with him! Ha ha! it’s awesome. God works in mysterious ways. I was really happy that, that happened. So that was really cool to report on :) That is kind of the highlight of last week.

This week was good but also sad because Elder Smith is gone now. He was my trainer and in the mission they have this weird thing that when you are a new missionary and the missionary who trains you is your dad and you are his son. So, Elder Smith was my mission father... ha ha funny stuff but I really just want to report on that.

I want to tell you of some of the things me and Elder Smith did and how awesome he is. He was super nice and happy a lot, he was a very sarcastic guy when I was asking serious questions. I hated it!! He would just be super sarcastic, I really loved his sense of humor though, and he is probably the one of the funniest guys. He’s just awesome.  What we did together as missionaries I believe is we really got people interested in the church. We set the example and I feel like we really showed the light that we had and people notice that something was different about us. I think we set a really good seed in their hearts and made them curious. So hopefully me and Elder Anani (my new Samoan companion) can show them more. I am excited to work with him.

I learned a lot from Elder Smith. One of the thing is that I learned don't worry about what you can’t control and let go of all the little things. I really enjoyed being his companion.

He helped me and when he knew something was bothering me he would just give me a hug and I really felt the Saviors love when he hugged me. I felt like I was in the Saviors arms and that’s how he is going to hug us when we get back home. He helped me keep my head up when things were getting rough and I really am grateful for him. I know that the Lord put him in my path and that I needed him. He is an incredible guy.  I really want to give hugs to people like he did. I believe he had the gift of charity and he could just exercise it at his control and put you at peace with yourself. It was definitely something really cool and interesting that he had.

Me and Elder Smith really got a long good together. He is a great friend and a great guy. He wants to go into video production and do some stuff with that. He loves the cold and I hate it. Ha ha He kills me at night when he likes to put the fan on high and the window open and it’s so cold at night! I and Elder smith liked to do a lot of stuff. One way we would wake up each other is have nerf guns and shoot each other if we got caught falling asleep. Another one was we would make missionary lyrics to regular songs. so like "bear necessities" from jungle book would be "bearing testimony" "500 miles" to "500 doors" we also did "Prezzy, its cold outside" instead of "baby its cold outside" ha ha we did so many wonderful songs. I had the time of my life with Elder Smith.

We had lots of ups and downs but he is an amazing guy, and I just appreciate him a lot for what he had done. He reminded me a lot of my dad. It was awesome. I am super happy to have met him and to know him. Ladies and gentlemen, I just want to say something; that is always an honor to know someone. I am so excited for a new journey but I am sad a little because Elder Smith is gone. He is a great guy and really fun.

He played basketball like a dork but when we sword fight and it was just me and him; he won with a kill shot! Man, it was lame but it was awesome. He’s going to go on and do great things. So this is for Elder Smith. He is amazing and I really wish him the best. I can't wait to see him again. He was like a dad, completely. It was awesome. I have videos of me and him and pictures together so yeah. This was a good week guys. So now it’s time for Elder Anani!! It’s going to be awesome. He is a power house and he is awesome. I can't wait :) Love you all hope you are doing good!

Elder Garrett Steven Harrington

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