Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Week 13: The Savior Heals, Christmas Spirit and Temple Blessings through Service

Alright you guys got me amped up! Thanks so much for all your support. I love you all so what really made this week hard was just I wasn't doing what I should be doing this week. I wasn't putting all of my heart really into this week. Because it’s just hard and I don't feel like we are having any success. Success is not baptizing and having a huge teaching pool. But I am going to have to tell myself that over and over again until I get it through my head. I am so sick of the averageness when there is no need to be.
This week I am going to go out and work harder than I ever did. I love my Savior and I need to work for Him more than ever. I am going to serve and do my best until I cannot do any more. The way to get over the little things is to not let them effect you, control what you can control and do your best. Follow the spirit and you will have peace.

I am going to tell you why this week was awesome though.

This week was awesome because I knew that my Savior is a master healer and He can heal anyone. He healed me at the Christmas devotional. I know that I can do my best because someone died for me so that I can start over whenever and not be affected by it at all. I shouldn't be selfish at all. My will is last here. I have been acted upon and I haven't been acting for myself. I cannot tell you what changed me at the Christmas devotional but I just felt peace. I loved the testimony of the atonement. HE can heal anyone. I have been healed and I am continuing to be healed.

Elder Smith and I have served a family that really needed help with some things around the house and we are now getting them to the temple and they are coming back to church. We are working with their neighbor too. He really loves coming to our church and really loves being around me and Elder Smith because he knows that something is different.

Dinner with the Krauss' went well. We are trying to help them with anything possible so that they can remember the Spirit and so that they will never want it to leave.

We had a Ward Christmas activity and it was amazing. It was a live nativity and I loved the music and I loved how everyone was so happy and the Spirit was so strong. Everyone was getting along with others. There is so much more to Christmas than just receiving presents. It is a time to remember still what you are thankful for and appreciate what you have before it’s gone. I am so grateful for my friends and family, you guys have built me up completely right now and I am excited.

The atonement of Jesus Christ is not just repentance; it is a chance so that you can get back up. I am strong. I go through hard times because I am strong with my Heavenly Father. I need him and I need Christ. I am so excited for Christmas so I can really feel the Spirit here and give more and more and learn the true meaning of it all. I really do know why I came out before Christmas so I could experience this all and I am going to change this mission that I am on. I have been focusing way too much on myself and I have paid for it. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you guys because I love you and I am down right excited to serve! This is why this week was awesome because we served.


Elder Garrett Steven Harrington

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