Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Week 12 Broken pot, Santa Clause and Conversion is Action…

AH! This week was nuts! lol, but it was great too. I am continuing to learn more about the mission and just how great it is and what it does for you. So here is some good praise and report for you guys!

So this week I went on two exchanges, basically that means I am with a different companion for a day! And it was cool and good! I got to be with the leader of the Parker Zone (ZL). That was cool. I learned a lot from him! Then I went with another Elder on Wednesday and it was really cool! We visited with some people that haven't been to church in a while. We got one follow up dinner appointment with them! He has a wife that isn't a member of the church and a kid as well; so hopefully they can be some new investigators! So yeah, we are really hoping. They are the Krauss family. Really sweet family, they have had a lot of interaction with the church and missionaries! So I don't know, we will see where it goes.

So a pretty funny story about the Kraus family; we invited them to the Christmas activity and they invited us in. We shared a scripture about gratitude because Thanksgiving was the next day, (it was Wednesday). So as we were leaving, we said goodbye and closed the door and then I had a call from the other missionaries picking us up to go get dinner, and so I was trying to put my helmet on and be on the phone at the same time and I dropped the phone and I went to pick it up, and my hip hit my bike, and it fell on to this flower pot and shattered it and so did my heart. I thought they were going to be so mad!!! I knocked on the door and I told him the whole story and "…yeah, uh I am sorry but I broke your pot and I will pay for it, I am so sorry!" and he like looked at me like............... and he saw the pot and he said,”…that’s my mom’s antique!!!!!”  Then he was like; “ahh I’m just kidding!” and I am like YAY!!! GOOD!! AHH! So basically I thought I was dead but we still have dinner with them! That is a major minor miracle!!! hahaha

My Thanksgiving was absolutely amazing and terrible at the same time. I am so sick of food and treats. I literally don't want to eat any more food for a long time… We had 4 dinners back to back... I paced myself too. But nope; the members think it’s a game to see how much they can feed an Elder or the missionaries. SO, I am done with food. I think I am going to go on a diet, no carbs… Yeah that sounds good!

And last night we have a member in our ward who is SANTY CLAUS FOR THE MALLS!! haha it was super cool! He goes to Santa School and they learn how to be Santa and they get paid for it! He loves it! It’s the best job ever! hahaha He’s so funny but yeah he loves seeing the kids all happy because He’s Santa! He also loves missionaries! Their home is always red and green; it’s just a very Christmassy home. haha He says it’s so fun because kids come up to him and ask him questions. So we asked him questions and he answered them as Santa Claus. I was very impressed. By the end, he wanted us to be a Santa Claus and go to Santa school because he teaches it. He is so funny and awesome!

Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting and this lady goes up and bears her testimony. After she bore her testimony, me and Elder Traasdahl (not my companion but we have two sets of elders in our ward) got up at the same time. He was sitting on the right side of the chapel and I was sitting on the left. So basically you see two Elders going down the aisles. I was on the left and he was on the right, at the same time and at the same pace. It felt so cool! haha it wasn't planned at all! So it was awesome :)

So that was pretty much my week! I got ski goggles now, and a kind of mask that goes over the lower part of my face and I wear a beanie so when I am out riding at night my whole body is covered and I am so warm! California boy can't stand the cold! I love it! I feel super cool with the ski goggles on as well! So that’s a bonus!

But what I have learned this week about the mission is that the mission is not supposed to strengthen your testimony. Not for you to be super smart about the gospel, and about the church. The mission is all preparing you to be converted to His gospel for the rest of your life. You can have a testimony of the gospel; that is strong but a testimony is just words, don't get me wrong a testimony is great but conversion is action. It is what you do because of the testimony you have.

Because as a missionary, the schedule that you have isn't supposed to build your testimony, the testimony is the bonus of this whole situation, it is supposed to build your conversion. That is the goal, and conversion is bringing others to Christ and being like Christ! I can't tell you how much I love it and I can't tell you how awesome it is that it just all a super intense magnified learning experience. SO that is my report for you all :) I love you all! <3 have a great week:) 


Elder Garrett Steven Harrington

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