Thursday, November 28, 2013

Week 11 Humble, Control, and Transformation!

WHAT UP EVERYONE!!!!!! YOOOOO COLORADO!!! Ha ha ha I am so happy today! I have finally been able to seek how to be a great missionary!!  I have been working on a lot of things as well but everything is going great!!  I have a whole bunch of better insights on things!! I am so grateful to be on a mission!!

SO I have learned a lot about being humble. I can't tell you how amazing it is to be humble. I am working very hard that it will stay that way as well! I am trying to be humble but confident and not prideful and cocky. I love being humble because it means you are at a state of mind where you can learn what is happening to you, why it is happening, why it needed to happen and what I need to do now! I love being humble! It just makes everything even better!! I bet it is really un-humble to say that I am being humble! But I am! I am learning about a mission and finally getting into the groove of things. But the moment you think you are fine, you are not! So I am just going to say that I am still working on it!! Ha ha ha I just feel like this week is going to be a great week! I am stoked!

I have a lot of faith going into it and I am ready to work! I understand how to be a great missionary and what is a successful missionary. When I came out on the mission I was really focused on the numbers which is so sad, Preach My Gospel says that a successful missionary is measured by your commitment; to find, and teach. So I now understand why we use numbers in the mission field. It is to measure the commitment that a missionary has. It was never about the numbers! It’s about your commitment. What am I doing to be a better missionary each day and I have figured that out and am excited to go to work now!

I have learned about controlling the things you can control and don’t worry about what you can't control! Because you can't control whether a person wants to learn more or not, so don't worry about it. At least you planted a seed and did what you could. :)

The mission is awesome. The mission is where I learn how to live life, this is where I serve, this is where I help, this is where I have faith, learn, be humble, work hard, develop charity and love, patience and trust in the Lord. That is the way to live life! THIS IS A TRANSFORMATION. Do not take things for granted and just love and serve. I am so happy! Thank you for all of your prayers and everything. Even though the work hasn't happened much YET! It is going to, I can just feel it! I love you all so much (: <3


Elder Garrett Steven Harrington

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