Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tough Love in Parker…A Mighty Change Coming Up and a Baptism!

Hey everyone! :) This week has been really hard. We tried to find some people to see if they were interested. Everyone kind of just shuts you down. I don't think our brothers and sisters really understand that there is a nicer way to say you're not interested. We kind of talked to a less active person and his friend was there; and he had a really nice motorcycle. We tried to talk to him just saying hey nice bike and he just straight up ignored us. We weren't trying to convert him, just say that he had a nice bike; and you know there is a better way to say you don’t want to talk to us than ignore us. Then as we were biking away, the girlfriend who lives with the less active person said, “go convert them all” really sarcastically and I really wish that people understood why we are here. We tell people the truth like we just want to see how people are doing and they don't believe us. I feel like they think we’re part of a secret organization or something when we are really not. It really hurts us I think because we love them already just like Christ but they denied Him too. I have never felt so much like him before... but anyway, we can't let that get us down.
I guess you could say that this week was really my first week of the mission. We got 3 people that told us to come back and just a lot of things have happened. I now know that you need to change a lot of things on your mission. The way you pray, the way you talk, the way you act. I mean it’s getting hard now. I know I was a good kid before I came but now I need to do better than before and I am so excited to change myself and do that by losing myself and really develop those Christlike attributes. I am so grateful though that I asked for my friends’ talks at church because they came at a time when I really needed them. I read Brady’s Dad's talk; and it talked about peace and then I read Haley's farewell talk and it talked about the atonement and a mission. The missionary will use the atonement more than the people sometimes and I absolutely know that to be true. It was really just what I needed. I loved General Conference and the talks they give there but it’s just something else when you read your friends talk and it’s exactly what you need as well. It’s like you know that leaders of the church are called of God but your friends are placed by God. I am so grateful for friends and family. As you can really tell from this letter I have been extremely humbled right now and I love being humbled. I hate pride.
Our investigator that said yes to baptism, we haven't been able to contact them... :(
We had a whole bunch of meetings this week and it kind of took away from talking to people. And we only had four lessons this week because we tried to do a lot of finding and yeah… Our zone has a goal to baptize 42 people together. We have about 28 missionaries in our zone. We really want to help people and serve people but it’s really hard I guess when they don't need any help or want any help. We did have a baptism this week though. His name is Floyd. It was super awesome to see him come closer to Christ! He was so happy to be baptized. Seeing someone in all white is amazing. They are so happy and it just kind of fills you up with love.
As you know I like to bear my testimony at church so I bore my testimony at church and I was super nervous but everyone was super nice and they kind of said like thanks for your testimony. This week we hope to find more people and work even harder. We get to go to the temple this week and I cannot tell you how happy I am for that. I get to be in the Lord's House.
Sacrament means so much to me now. I really needed the sacrament this week and I felt stronger after taking it. I am overall very happy to be here though. I am trying to create a vision for myself so that when times get tough I'll just look at my vision and why I am doing this so that I can do this. I am not going to come home early I promise you that but I just do not want to suffer. I love this work and hope to hear from you all soon! Time for adaptions.
Serve with your Heart, as long as my heart is still running I am not going to stop.
Love you all! :)
Elder Garrett Steven Harrington
P.S. Add Elder Harrington on Facebook if you want to see pictures. My camera takes too nice of pictures so I'll just mail the SD card home to my parents when it gets full and they will upload them to Facebook. Colorado is so beautiful. You feel like you are in another world. I have never felt so close to the clouds before in my life. 

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