Saturday, October 26, 2013

Loving life in Parker.! Hockey, Cookies & Chipotle all bring the Spirit!

HELLO EVERYONE! How are you all doing??(: This week I went on my first week of exchanges and I went to the temple and I got to play hockey and have some spiritual experiences but not with like, people investigating...
So I'll start with all the fun stuff. Hockey!! They have hockey rinks to play here just like pick-up games. It’s awesome. So I got to play some hockey in Colorado... The altitude can get to you soo fast hahaha. I was wheezing and just, oh my gosh… It’s crazy how much in shape you have to be to play sports up here. I am so glad to be in a beautiful place super close to the clouds. Hockey was a lot of fun but pretty hard. You have to be looking down all the time and in basketball they don't want you to look down because you are already going to know where the ball is, they want you to have that vision looking up; so I like lost the puck many times.  But I got to score some goals, and then me and the district leader missionary we kind of like ran into each other by accident so I threw down my stick and he started laughing and he threw his down and he pretended to take of his gloves and we almost went at it hahaha. Jk… We definitely didn't, but it was fun to be a hockey player for a day!
Tuesday was my exchange day.. I learned a lot that day about learning how to deal with a new companion and how much you love your other one when you leave them. You just got to be their friend… can't be someone trying to change the other, I didn't try to change him either I just learned that if you be their friend and be an example they will take what they need to take in... Just be a really good friend and I loved that a lot just talking to a new person. It is an honor to meet and know someone!
So Wednesday was temple day hahaha.  Funny story, I knew that I was going on exchanges; so I knew the elder that was going to be with my comp.. I set my alarm for 1:30 in the morning! We all had to wake up to go to the temple at 6 am. So I left and went to the other house and the alarm went off and it’s the same elder that I was playing hockey with (we were pretending we were going to fight! Haha) So he told me what happened.. He wakes up and is like freaking out. Elder Holmes is his name. and my companion is Elder Smith. So Elder Smith sleeps right through it but Elder Holmes is just like, “what’s going on?” So he takes the batteries out and chucks them and the alarm and then he saw me at the temple and was like you’re going to get it. ahhahaha Missions are soo fun!! I love doing pranks. I am going to get it so bad now though, I just know it. I am excited.
Then I got to meet with this family that hasn't been to church in a while. We kind of just got to know them and they are a wonderful family, just haven't been to church. They have three cute young boys. The father loves his kids and you can just see it. The mother works at a place for special needs children so I got along with her really well. We talked about my family and what she does. So we talked to them for a while and then we shared a scripture and asked them a question about Christ. The boy that was old enough to understand didn't know who Christ was, and so Elder Smith asks, “Can you explain to them who Christ was?” Then the dad talks about Christ to his son and I really felt the spirit there in that moment when the dad was explaining who Christ was to his kids. It was so cool. They haven't been to church in a while but it was cool to see their testimony come out again. I really love helping the people who haven't been to church in a while. They are such amazing people and I have a very special place in my heart for them now.
So the next day I think we went to do service at the Parker Food Bank and they always give us some food after we’re done working. I decided to get cookies and give them to the family that I was just talking about. So we knock and we see their littlest one has therapy, he has something wrong with his body. I guess he’s not strong enough... but it was cool to see that and how happy that family was seeing their little child improve, even if they need help. So we gave them some cookies and he got caught with the Spirit. He tried not to smile and say thanks but he smiled and said thanks for the cookies very sweetly. I love that family so much now for some reason and it kind of makes me think of Heavenly Father. He loves seeing us improve even with help. He just loves seeing us improve. I am so happy and after seeing that family face light up after giving them that, IT MADE ME WANT TO GIVE EVERYONE COOKIES!! hahah It was that great!

We do a lot of service in our mission. I love it. It really makes you appreciate what you have back home and have right now and what you want to give others. I stand all amazed and humbled. I am very happy. Finding is very hard though. We are still trying our best though and I hope something will come out of it.

We were at Chipotle, with the members I stay with, and their son. He served a mission in Guatemala I think... I have no doubt in my mind I was meant to meet this person on the mission. He told me about the atonement of Jesus Christ that I didn't even know was possible. All things are possible with Him, I know it more now than ever. It was so cool... He told me and gave me this speech in Chipotle; out of all places I didn't know I could feel the spirit at a food place, so strongly as well. He said some incredible things but something I learned is that if you go to Heavenly Father in prayer and you will meet who you need to meet for the gospel. I am really excited for this new week and I am ready. I know it’s going to try and hit me hard but I am going to hit it back harder! Also the cashier, randomly came up and started talking to us, he said he had a three week newborn baby and he wants to go back to church. He’s been having dreams and so we are trying to follow up with him. We gave him a plan of salvation pamphlet and we got his number. So we hope he is in our area! Working hard and loving all.

I got to go to Deseret book on Wednesday ^.^ My favorite store!(: I got pictures of Christ. I love pictures!! Send me some or let me know if you have any picture ideas you want me to take and I'll send you them. Send me your address if you want a letter!
Scriptures that I really liked this week was Alma 37:46, the part I like is that the way is prepared for all of us.
Now I am off to go play the sport they play in heaven. BASKETBALLL!!!:)
If you need or want anything, let me know (: letters.. pictures whatever!

Photo of Elder Harrington with Pres and Sister Toombs

Love You All!!!
Elder Garrett Steven Harrington

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