Monday, October 28, 2013

Finding, Serving and ELDER RUIZ IS IN COLORADO!


Parker is amazing! No investigators, but we are doing a lot of service and talking to people. We are working hard and that’s what really matters! So basketball of last week was awesome!! It reminds me a lot about high school ball…so awesome. We have a guy in our zone that is 6'8 280 or 260 and just an amazing guy!! He dunked on me though :(((( but that’s okay I crossed him up!! 3 balls all over!! we have some pretty good ballers and athletes over here.. my companion is way into curling though…yeah.. Idk but he is probably the funniest guy in the whole zone! I love him. He really is a blast and a great missionary. I love being here in Colorado! I got some amazing news!

Villiami Ruiz or Elder Ruiz is now in my mission! I can't believe it! Elder Ruiz was a priest in my priest quorum back home. I have a friend from back home on my mission! It is so exciting! I love it! I can't wait to see him and give him the biggest hug! I am grateful for this. Can't wait to learn from him some more.

This week was very hard but it just all got made up by Sunday. Church is the highlight of my week and always will be that’s where we receive that revelation for that week I feel like. I love church, feel the spirit so strong on your mission at church and the sacrament is literally what I need at the end of every week!!!! A mission is so physically and emotionally tiring ha ha. Luckily, I have great zone leaders and missionaries surrounded by me that really help a new missionary up.

I went on exchanges again this week but with the district leader and that was really fun and it’s really cool hearing all the missionaries who have been out longer and their experiences. Okay, but this week we visited a lot of members and did a lot of service here. We knocked down a hill at this senior center and it was to stop the rain from being stuck at the building.. We got fed lunch there and this old man he was really old and he was cracking us up his name is George. He’s like, "what are you guys doing here" and we told him we are making the ground a little bit more level so the building doesn't float off and then George asked us, “Is that possible?” and we were like well that’s why we are doing it and George said. "I would love to see that" ahhahaha I died. Then the man who takes care of George told him to finish eating very politely so that he could take him home and he’s like, “who are you!?” and he said "I am your neighbor. I am taking you home." and George said "you know where I live?" and he said "yeah I do. Right next to me." and George said, "I don’t even know where I live." hahaha we were trying not to laugh because he was being serious about this whole thing but it was just so funny!!!!!!! gotta love old people. They are so wonderful to serve and just talk too.

It was a great and stressful week because we are trying so hard to find. I became very humble again yesterday. I was like what am I doing wrong? Just completely focusing on myself I guess the entire week, just trying to become a better missionary and so I just had a prayer in mind to heavenly father and in my heart and I am like “Heavenly Father what can I do?” Sunday in church is where we receive our answers. I know I do... The whole topic was just about service. I knew that was the answer. Don’t worry about anything else.. Just serve. The scripture was on DC 4. "Serve him with all your heart, might, mind and strength." Two young men spoke on that topic. One was going on his mission to Alaska and he spoke a lot about what that scripture means to him and he said some great things. His farewell talk reminded me a lot of mine. He talked about the atonement and that he made some mistakes as well, I just love the atonement and Christ so much. That is just my source of strength and I know that is a lot of others people source of strength as well and some strength that are hidden that we need to give to them. A lot of people are tied down sometimes but it is the atonement of Christ is what sets us free and just makes life so much happier. A second chance to just love; charity. Christ is just amazing. I love having his name on my tag…

I love so many pictures of him and all these other things. Back to Sunday; the farewell talk was great; but there was a 12 year old boy whose heart was bigger than the world. He was very good at speaking. He spoke of his conversion story. He told a testimony of how the missionaries came to his house and asked him if he wanted to know more about Christ. He said yes and he learned about Christ and was baptized 5 weeks later. He said he felt a wave came over him and that he was forgiven and he was crying. It brought me to tears. Converts are such special people and I love hearing them talk. They are so grateful for the life they have now. I gave the closing prayer that Sunday and after I ended my prayer I went to the boy and I said to him, “Can I tell you something?” and he said, “yes”. I told him, "you are an example to us, and we love you." I don't know why I said it but I felt like I needed to say that to him and He smiled so much. It was amazing. He had the light of Christ in him so much and he’s going on to do great things. He brought his family back into the church.

I love witnessing miracles. And that of itself is a miracle. Reminds me of a scripture,"…Suffer the little children and come unto me, for such is the kingdom of God".  It’s in the New Testament. I know that to be true. That kid sets an example to all of us. I love this work and I love this people. I got to keep trying harder and serving better. I can't wait to become as a child again. That’s what I am working on. Humble, Love.

So that is my weekly update to you! I am now starting to learn sign language and play piano because there is a family in my ward that has a deaf daughter and she is going to be baptized soon. She is wonderful and 8 years old, so happy and full of love. So I want to be able to participate and not just use my words and then have them translate to her. I want to speak to her!


Elder Garrett Steven Harrington

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