Thursday, October 10, 2013

MTC was Awesome!, Parker CO is too!

HI EVERYONE!!! I am in the area now. I am in Parker Colorado. It’s seriously beautiful here. Being a district leader was awesome and I enjoyed helping out. Now I am just a fresh missionary right off the plane. I am super new and just trying to get adjusted to the area! I am really stoked. :) My companion is awesome. Trainer. He is kind of like “I am not your trainer” and stuff and he’s asking me to teach him too. It’s kind of cool, even though he is the senior companion. He is very humble and I love Him! Elder Smith, he’s great. Walking around kind of feels natural. I feel that I am supposed to be here, I don't know how but I am. I don't feel awkward at all. I'm just me with a name tag now that says elder. Ha ha It’s awesome! :) Its soo good to hear from you all too! It really is a treat to see emails back... I can't really write much but know that I love you all, and it’s weird how fast it is going by already. But I am learning a lot. My mission president is awesome! Super funny and super nice so yeah… MTC was awesome and now I'm in the field trying to build up some courage to talk to some people. I don't have much to say really right now to you all because nothing happened really yet. When I got off the plane and the people that work in the airport wear cowboy hat, pants, boots and a huge belt buckle. It’s kind of funny ha ha. The area is very green right now. I can't see much effects of the flood but the members and people are really nice. I am in a member’s home. The bed is sooo good omgosh. Ha ha ha its sooooooo comfy. There are three dogs in the member’s home too. two labs named Max and Daisy and German shepherd named Thor. If you howl at Thor he will start to howl too! It’s awesome! But I seriously cannot wait to teach. This is my second day in the area, emailing you. My p day is on Monday and once I get my address I'll let you know. I know you all want to hear a cool spiritual experience. Ha ha I have had a few in the MTC where the spirit just guided the lessons and I am continuing to learn about a mission. I'll share one quick experience:
We got a referral from a church member to teach. A person called Christian he is such a loving and caring guy. He’s a photographer and has book cases for an iPhone and laptop so he looks like he’s carrying around books! But it’s really technology and he just loves it and it made me laugh every time I would see them. But, anyway... He lost his son in a car accident. He was three. He was absolutely perfect; I wish you could see the picture of Alex. His sons name was Alex. He loved to play hide and seek and he was in the house and the door was left unlock and he ran into a street and a teenager hit him and killed him. I felt so much grief and sorrow. He was the cutest kid. I knew something was special about Alex when I saw the picture of him. He reminded me of my brother Austin in a way. So Christian was really sad and kind of angry. He asked me "if God loves Alex so much, why did he let him die?" and that right there had me stumped. I wrote it down and prayed about the question. I have learned on my mission that Heavenly Father knows the answer to all these people’s questions. You have to pray to get the answer that they ask because it’s a question that only Heavenly Father knows… well I did. I got the answer and when I did, I started to write it down. It was one of the heavenly answers. I knew that answer came to me from Heavenly Father. There’s no way it could have happened without Him. So when I got to teach him again, I read him the answer and He couldn't stop smiling. He said he felt the same way when he was holding Alex again for the first time. He felt like his heart was about to explode and he was warm and felt this amazing peace and comfort. We told Him it was the spirit but that is up for you to decide and he said. "I believe you. I want to know more and what to do so that I can be with Alex again." He was sincerely interested. I gave him the answer and he said, “…that it makes sense why it happened now and that I am no longer angry. I am at peace and comfort."
I know that Heavenly Father loves all of His children. Missionary work is awesome and this is what Christ’s life was all about. He was constantly serving others, helping. Look what he became. He never really focused so much on him. I think that is what I need to learn more than ever now. Lose yourself in the work of helping others and serving others and then you will become what you were meant to become. I am happiest when I am doing what the Lord wants me to do and that is always serving others. I know that I cannot relate very well to others because I have not been through some of the things they have been through but I do know this, I can love them; with all my heart. You can succeed on love alone. I hope you all are doing good. Please write back!! I want to hear how you are.

Elder Garrett Steven Harrington

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