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Week 17: New Year, New Resolutions, and the Atonement

HEY EVERYONE :) HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Wow its weird to look at this 2014. It feels like one year left basically, but it’s like a year and some more. I am still a new guy :) How was all of your New Year’s? I am starting fresh now.

This week was a little tough :) but I liked it. I became stronger I definitely feel like and I am going to work on a lot of things now! So that I can be the best missionary I can. I have a huge vision and good vision of what I would like to become from the mission and I want to share it with you!

This week wasn't anything really special, we had New Year, had to go in early… Holidays aren't that great on the mission, except Christmas and Easter. Christmas and Easter is always amazing :) So yeah, ha ha. Just played some p-day basketball and then had a lot of service and meetings during the week. Not a lot of time to go work and proselyte but we tried. Now for this week we are just trying to find some more people that would like to hear the good news!

SO here is my "new resolutions" or vision, something that I want to become from the mission :)

Knowledgeable (like smart in the gospel and in a lot of things)
Patient (patient with criticism, with other people's actions and choices)
Charity and Love (avoid negative feelings, Try to understand others and their view points and to love others perfectly)
Humble and Meek (submit my will to the Lord, Teachable, No bragging, acting with loving kindness and being a good person to others. I heard that humble means knowing that you need the Lord. Meek is behaving appropriately, kind of like being "mature".
Obedient (live all the rules in the white handbook)
Faith (more faith in Christ, faith that things will happen. faith in myself)
Hope (endures through hope, not just endure, be more optimistic)
Virtue (behaves, be clean, pure and quickly repent.) 
Diligent (steady, earnest, consistent, energetic, working hard and good in everything I do)
Trustworthy (trust me with anything)
Honest (honest with myself, honest with others
Be better at talking to people.
Peaceful (being okay in rough situations, knowing that you are doing the right even though some results are not what you expected)
Be in tune with the spirit (be at peace, knowing what to do, recognize and feel)
Forget the Past, (don't worry about waht you did, can't change it now. You can help it though )
Forgiving (to forgive myself and not to hold grudges)
Fully represent the lord Jesus Christ (Be Christlike in actions, behaviors, words, thoughts)
Be the best missionary I can be (apply principles you know to be true, study, learn and be a missionary.)
Eternal Perspective (knowing that it will work out in the end, seeing things in a different light.)
Don't think of myself (turn outward instead of inward, serve others constantly)
Enlarged desire to work hard and do good.
Comfortable and confident (knowing that everything is okay and that I can do anything)
Grateful (do not take ANYTHING for granted)
Proactiveness (always be ahead of the game)
Have fun doing what I am doing (because the mission life is what’s best!

So I got to do a lot of little goals to meet my New Year’s resolutions. Because If I do the small things to these things the big things will be how I accomplish it. I got to measure my progress and have a huge passion for it.
So yeah! I am excited :) can't wait to work!! I told you all this so I hope you guys can keep me accountable.

I really experienced a better part of the atonement, and that it can help you through anything. We can't always just run away from the things. Don't pray for the situation to change, pray for the strength to get through the situation. The lord can help you :) one of the things that I have come to realize is that Heavenly Father doesn't want to see you struggle, especially by yourself. He doesn't want you to think that you are nothing when you are everything to him. That is one of the hardest things that He doesn't like to see his children go through. 

So keep journeying on, if you have had a hard year a new one is here. :) so don't worry about it!

Journey on and Hope on. I know that you can, I know that you will, with the Lords help. Go give them Heaven :)

I love you all and hope you are all doing well! 


Elder Garrett Steven Harrington

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