Saturday, January 18, 2014

Week 18: Parker no mo’, Arapahoe I go…

I have been transferred and I am no longer in Parker Colorado. I am now in Arapahoe.  I moved this weekend to replace an Elder who needed to go home.  I will really miss Parker, not going to lie.  The members were awesome and the area was super beautiful. I hope to go back there sometime, but I am in a new area and I am loving it so much. It’s nice, change is good. It feels like you are starting over again and that's really good, a fresh start.

Elder Anani is going to do good things in Parker. We got along for the most part but we really didn't talk much to each other about things. So it was hard to be with each other but it doesn't matter. The Lords work continues on and I am happy about that.

So now I am in Arapahoe and it is beautiful as well. We are in a walking area but I would much rather ride a bike. Back in my last area we could email at a members home; but now I am emailing at the library.  So, in about 20 minutes I could get kicked off, and then go wait for ten minutes, then get back on for another half hour, so I am bummed… ha ha.

So far I don't know the area at all but it’s cool! OH! my new companion is Elder Farr. HE IS AWESOME!! He can sing!! Ha ha ha  It’s so cool having companions around that can sing. It is just like an art and there is a technique to singing, so basically, I guess anyone can be good at singing…Idk.  He’s cool though!  His dad was born in Jerusalem and he came to America and converted.  I will have to send you guys a picture soon. He has a great teaching style and he is really good at asking questions and has a very good testimony.  I hope he stays one more transfer so he can help me know the area, because we have like 3 weeks left in the transfer. February 9th I believe is when transfers are scheduled.

But yeah, not much to report on this week. But I hope you all are doing well :) I am sure I will have some more information later because I just got here Friday.

But so far on a mission what is really interesting about this all is that you are meeting people that you have never ever met but yet they seem so familiar to you.  You feel you have met them before; but you haven't.  I love meeting people here and making new friends and building friendships.  It is amazing and I truly feel loved by the Lord.

Anyway I love you all and hope you are doing well :) 


Elder Garrett Steven Harrington

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