Thursday, April 3, 2014

Week 29: Excited for Work & Teaching with Companion, Hoops too...

Whassup Whasssup yo! Ha ha I AM SO HYPED! anywayssssssssssss. This week has been pretty cool :) We got a new investigator! Her name is Victoria! She is Faith's daughter! So were like almost teaching the whole family! We got to teach her a lesson on the restoration of the gospel and it went really well. I am excited for her! She says that things we teach Faith are very familiar and that they make sense. So yeah!

MTC District- Elder Timothy
MTC District-Elder Wiggins
This week we got to work out with Raul in some crazy work out attire! Ha ha like the people that worked out wore funny stuff when they dressed up. Raul wore all his ex-marine stuff. Combat boots and a helmet and pants. I think Raul has a group on Facebook and they upload photos and stuff. We took some photos so we might be in his photos of his Facebook group. His gym is called "Unicofitness" and it has a knight as the logo maybe. I don't know. I can't check Facebook but his gym name is UNICOFIT or UNICOFITNESS. So maybe you could look that up on Facebook and find some pictures of where we work out every Thursday! Maybe even have some pictures from our crazy whacko work out day. I wore my superman shirt. Ha ha I wish I had a cape!!!!! Anyway, It was pretty fun.
MTC District- Sister West
We are excited for this transfer. I continue to learn more about Elder Stuckey! He’s pretty reserved but he is a good teacher and smart. He’s only 18 too, if I forgot to mention! His dad served in Seattle Washington and my dad served in Spokane Washington so that is pretty cool! I don't think they served together though. We’re biking a lot more now. We raced a car on my bike from a house to house and we won! Ha ha we were going against a Chevy 1992 sedan and it needs a lot of work on it. Ha ha  So ,I don't think it was that much of a fair win but we were going fast! Ha ha maybe hit 25 or 30 on the bike. We went downhill most of it, but still! Ha ha  We beat a car!   

I really want to play some kids at a park in basketball and try to get a lesson out of it. Like if Elder Stuckey and I win, we get to teach them a lesson of the gospel, and if they win I will give them 5 bucks or something…. I don't know. I just want to play someone for a lesson!!!!!!!! Ha ha

But things here are going well. It’s a little slow but it’s going. We got a lot of service coming up this week.  I have been falling in love with reading the Book of Mormon. Such a great book when you really read it.  Trying to teach people by the spirit and being bold. Those are something's that have been making me happy and trying to improve as a missionary.

I got pictures to use when I teach now! I am excited to try and use them while teaching the lessons. But that's kind of the big update for this week or the big things that happened. I wish I had more to report on, but I love you guys! Please send me some pictures so I can see you! Talk to me! I am on till about 12:30!

Elder Garrett Steven Harrington

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