Thursday, April 3, 2014

Week 28: 6 mos mark; New Comp and Gator Status

Well, it’s official; I have been out for 6 months. Wow. Where has the time gone!? Ha ha pretty interesting. Little sad though too :( year left, plus 6 more months and this week was really slow!

Transfer weeks are always pretty slow. I think I am finally adjusted to this mission life though now. So not much to really report on this week, I think. I got a new companion. His name is Elder Stuckey! Pronounced ‘stuck-ee’ haha He's from Arkansas and he is 6 foot 5! He played football, tight end and he is a boy from the South. So he likes guns, trucks, and football. haha he's a really nice guy too. He's been out longer than I have; about one transfer, maybe two. A transfer is 6 weeks, if you didn't know. He knows how to read a map. I still have no idea how to read a map. So he really knows the area better than I do. I just know where people live. Those are my landmarks, not streets. Haha

So I'll give you a little update on the mission work. We actually have 13 investigators! That's a lot! haha that's good too! We got a new one last night. His name is Tom and he's probably in his late 70's and he's tall; ~6 foot 7!  He has been investigating the church for probably about 5 years now.  He married a member and the family that he talks to the most about the church is in our ward and he comes and attends our services.  We are going to meet with him about once a week. He said "I can get baptized. I can swim" hahaha that was great. He still just wants to understand everything spiritually before he joins. He’s a great guy!  Plays basketball and served in the Air Force!

So our 13 Investigators are:

Raul, Savannah, Olivia, Faith, Susanne, Kris, John, Michelle, Daniel, Julie, Don, Eric Tracey, Jeanie, and Tom.

We got to see Raul and help him with his gym and say a prayer with him. That was really good. He said he needed it and we will be going to his class again on Thursday in the morning. We will try and meet with him this Saturday hopefully!

We got to see Savannah this week! We didn't get to teach her but we got to talk to her and that was good! Her dad as well! He said we will have to come over again. Daniel and Julie are her parents!

Olivia is doing great, I believe we will be meeting with her this Sunday and teaching her lesson 2! She’s awesome. A very smart girl and she’s only 9!

John and Michelle we are going to stop by this week and see how they are doing.

Kris we will continue to help him understand the importance of church and baptism. Kris is 10!

Susanne we got to meet with this week and teach her a little bit about priesthood blessings and gave her a blessing and we are meeting with her next week!

Don we will be meeting with this week! I am excited for that and can't wait to teach him. We are going to be teaching his daughter Emma about baptism because she’s getting ready for it! She’s going to be 8 soon! Hopefully Don will get baptized and he can baptize her. He knows the book of Mormon is true, it’s just seeing the importance of going to church.

Eric gave us a call and said he wanted to meet this week so we will see how that goes! Eric is in his 50's and he’s a nice guy!

Tom we just asked him some questions and tried to get to know his religious background a little bit better and why he has been investigating for so long.

Faith is like always slowly coming around. It’s always good when we meet with faith because we get down to talking about spiritual stuff and she is growing a lot. We got to meet with her this week

Jeanie is awesome! She's a piano player and she’s going to school, we try to do service for her around the house, and we will meet with her and teach her every now and then. She loves the church and I think she is just worried about what her late husband will think.

So yeah, we got a lot of work to do :) and we have another person that we are trying to do service for too. Her name is Lisa and she is blind. She is super sweet. She says that every day is a gift and I love that! She has met with missionaries before and the missionaries just lost contact. So hopefully we can teach her again!

So that is a lot of our work and I am learning that I am in a good place. I am in a great place. I am learning how to deal with things with the lord a lot more and just to develop faith a lot more and I just hope I can continue to be better! That's basically our report for you this week :) I hope you are all doing well and I love you a lot! Good luck with your week :)


Elder Garrett Steven Harrington

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