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Week 26: Family Fun, Stake Choir & Conference and the work is going well!

GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) HEY!!!!! :) ha ha how are you all doing? :) I am doing great! This week was a lot of fun! I am starting to appreciate all the little things that make me happier. Some funny things that happened this week were what some kids say sometimes. So we were at dinner and the cookies were brought out and then I don't how this happened but elves somehow were brought up and then this 7 year old said very seriously to me, "Don't give elves cookies. They Jump all around the place and when you see them, they freeze." Ha ha ha made me laugh so hard. Then we had a lesson with this family and we are teaching them the plan of salvation and I asked the kids if they knew what the plan of salvation was and they said, “YA I KNOW!” all excitedly. Then I asked them what it was and they said "NOAHS ARK!" Oh my goodness ha ha. Shows what kind of teachers we are. Just kidding! Ha ha ha but they are just goofballs. The family we were teaching has twins and they are just a blast.

Some other good things happened this week! A family from Parker in my last area just one day came and picked me and Elder Farr up and went to lunch. It was great! It was so nice to feel that you have friends here in the mission that love you and support you. It was great. It was a really tender mercy and a huge blessing I was so grateful for it.

Oh, I bought a whoopee cushion ha ha ha. I have been trying really hard to get Elder Farr by hiding it and putting it places where he wouldn't expect it but he just figured it out every time and I finally got him. I was so excited and happy! Ha ha it made me laugh for like 5 minutes. His face was priceless when it happened. So yeah we got to have a little fun on the mission :) So those little things make me happy now. Now for the bigger things.

We had Stake Conference this week and it was awesome! we had an 8 year old speak! Wow how brave! haha he did awesome. It’s so great to see these youth to just be so strong at a young age.  They are such an example to us and it’s great. We had a recent convert talk at Stake Conference as well from our ward and it was awesome to see and hear the transformation that happened when she got baptized. She was a strong devout protestant and her husband was inactive when they met and after twelve years of their marriage, her husband goes back to church. She thought it was just a phase. She had a very strong belief in God and she knew her stuff. Then after three years of her husband going to church she noticed something about her husband. She noticed that her husband became a spiritual leader in the home and that after all those years of being married with him. She saw a transformation take place and it was like she saw him in a better light and as a better person as well. That stuck out to me the most about how she noticed a transformation in her husband just from going to church for three years. Then she started to go to church to see what they teach and what changed her husband so much and she said she had just a very strong feeling in church and she started to ask questions. She sincerely pondered and sought for truth and she found truth and confirmation in the scriptures. It was incredible. An incredible Stake Conference.

So our ward is like one of two choirs in the Stake.  So we were volunteered to be the choir for stake conference. We sung Child of God and the Iron Rod in front of like 2,000 people plus!. It was so awesome! I felt like I was in the Mormon tabernacle choir! Except that everyone around me sound good except for me. I just try to imitate what they are singing and sound like the people around me. I cannot read music ha ha and I kind of know how to sing, but the feeling singing those songs were amazing. We had different arrangements of the song and everyone said it sounded good so it was awesome to be a part of it. I feel good when I sing hymns or when I am at choir because these are people that are bearing testimony when they sing and it’s very powerful. These people put so much emotion and spirit into the songs. I love it. I think I am going to do the choir when I get back home just go to be a witness of these amazing people that sing and I just feel the spirit so strong when we sing. Plus my ward choir is so fun and funny! I love them. I would love to be a conductor. A legit one with both hands just going off and I just know every song and I can just hit every note like those conductors do that direct the orchestra and other things ha ha. On a mission, conducting is the coolest thing ever. Ha ha.

Sunday was a spiritual high.

We had dinner with this amazing family. We always leave that place learning something new or just multiple things. They are the Gawoski's family. The dad is a convert. He reminded me a lot of my dad. It was amazing that dinner we had with them. The Dad is a patrol officer I think. All I know is he works for the cops. He is a strict firm but funny and great guy. He married a member and we always seem to have a good gospel conversation with them. They are amazing. Amazing, amazing, amazing people. The wife is sweet, nice and strict but firm too. They are a great couple and they have some older kids and little ones. So anyway, we talked about what we learned at Stake Conference and we had a great discussion and then the dad said, "hey we love having you guys here. You guys really bring the spirit into our home." And then he paused and started to tear up and said. "If it weren't for two young 19 year old boys like you my life wouldn't be like this, so I appreciate what you are doing" It was something so special to witness. It reminded me of my dad just because of how sometimes the little things of spirit can affect him so strongly. I love that about him and I love that about Brother Gawoski. He said that when they would move houses he would put up the Book of Mormon on a shelf and always wonder what was in this book and when he read it he was like why didn't you show me this earlier.  I wonder how many of us do that. We don't show them earlier when we have the chance to do it.

I think the coolest thing about the mission, is when we see people recognize something different. They think it is us; the missionaries. All of our investigators love to be with us but it is not because of who we are. It’s because of the Spirit and seeing them recognize the Spirit is the coolest thing in the world, and seeing them want to have what we have that brings the Spirit into their own life is amazing. I didn't know we had such a powerful influence on people because of what we have. Not because of whom we are.

Our missionary work is really picking up :)

Faith is progressing. We have had some amazing conversations with her, we just hope she recognizes that this is what she needs in her life because she loves reading the Book of Mormon and loves the topics we discuss with her.

We are going to meet with Raul sometime this week and get back into teaching him.

Savannah and her parents, we are going to meet with them this week and see how they are doing and help them make more progress with understanding that God can answer their questions and that this gospel can bless them.

We have a referral who wants to meet with us. His name is Eric. He is a great guy. We hope that we can give him the best.

We are meeting with a guy called Don, good guy. His daughter is going to get baptized in a few months and we want to tell him that we see him baptizing Emma, his daughter. He knows the Book of Mormon is true. He just doesn't see the need for going to church every Sunday.

One of the people we have been working with, last week bore her testimony. It was so special and amazing to see. She is doing good, and her name is Gabi.

All I can say is I love you guys and I love being here helping others :)

Elder Garrett Steven Harrington

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