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Week 24: Special Families, Special Prayer, Special moments...

YOOO :) Whats up guys! I AM SO HAPPY!! hahaha just. This week was interesting! Like it was exactly what someone needed. Not wanted. 

So some highlights of this week! 

I got to go to a unified basketball game! it was amazing! Unified basketball game is when kids with disabilities go play a basketball game! We have a kid in our ward named Harrison. He has cerebral palsy. So he can't walk, he's in a wheelchair. It’s very hard for him to express himself when he’s trying to talk. He can say a few words, He can laugh and smile! He is such a great boy and has such an amazing spirit. His family is amazing too! Harrison reminds me a lot of Austin. It’s pretty crazy! So the family invited us to his game and Brother Spiers. (Harrison’s dad) said something interesting before we went. "You will feel the spirit." and I totally did. We went there to go try and meet some people like we did with the wrestling meet and we talked to a lot of nice people. It was awesome; there were very humble people there. So, most of the kids that played in the game were ones that were able to walk. Harrison is a coach! haha its awesome. So he has a buddy push him around in a wheel chair. But this game Harrison got to play!!!!!! :))))) It was amazing. Someone got a rebound and then gave him the ball and his buddy pushed him down the court all the way to the basket; I just got chills and felt warm inside, and I just recognized again what a great spirit Harrison has and all these other kids. You didn't care who scored. You got to love every minute of it. I felt as I did at Austin’s baseball games. So Harrison, he lifted up the ball as high as he could then his buddy shot for him and made it!! EVERY ONE JUMPED UP AND CHEERED! He was the game difference! The score was 50-48. He got pushed down the court with his hands up and smiling and yelling!!!  I got the chills again and just teared up for this guy because I was so happy for him.  I wish you could all meet him

It was just an incredible experience and I was so grateful for it. I wish I could just talk to all these kids parents about how special these kids are and who they are just noble spirits. And I could just relate with these parents because of my brother and hope that they can see the gospel side of these special ones.  So that was just a spiritual uplifting experience. And another great thing happened.

I said a really sincere prayer this week. I was very open and honest with my Heavenly Father and the prayer lasted about 15 minutes long and it just felt super good to get everything out. During the middle of the prayer, I started to talk less and just listen and then I heard a voice say, "I am aware of you and know what you are going through." And that really brought peace to me.  My testimony of the will of God increases every day. I am continually amazed with how much Heavenly Father gives us exactly what we need, because that is what I needed. I just needed to feel that I am looked for and that He knows me and that just spoke to me that everything is going to be okay. I have never had an experience like that before and it is so great to just know and feel that. And my testimony of prayer increased too. I think maybe the longer the prayer, the more time we get to spend with Him and come closer to Him. I don't think I would of had that experience if I wasn't honest and open with my heavenly father and just to just talk to him and not to talk with him, if it was a short prayer that probably wouldn't have happened either. 

I got to go to the temple this week and I felt the spirit there too again. It was great. The temple is always like a refresh. A spiritual recharge; like Sundays, Zone conferences, and meetings. Temple days are a spiritual boost. I didn't get to see Elder Ruiz :( but I know he is doing well. 

So, our mission work going on right now: 
Raul is a little stressed out right now :( it’s hard to run a gym but he’s always glad and happy when we come. We cleaned his gym and we are serving him as much as possible right now! He’s a great guy and I hope he can feel that this is what he needs and that it can help him so much. He is a brother.

So we are still meeting with Savannah! We didn't get to meet with her this week but we are on for this week and we are excited! It’s pretty cool looking at what has happened. Savannah wanted to get baptized, and then her mom said no. Then it has turned into us teaching all three of them. It’s kind of like when the Lamanites come to attack these other Lamanites; but these other Lamanites don't fight and just pray that the Lamanites that are attacking these other Lamanites will stop attacking  the ones that are just praying.  It then turns out that the ones who were attacking join them. And thus we see the work of God is amazing (: haha I love the mission, it can be hard at times but the things that are hard are the things most worth fighting for. 

We have been trying to meet with Susanne, and she has just had things come up but she wants to meet and that is great news :) We chopped her wood and she loved us coming over and serving her. She just has been busy!

We also got to talk to a guy outside of his garage about cars and he gave us some advice and he said we could come by sometime again if he’s outside. He’s talked to missionaries before. I don't think he has been taught but his neighbor is Mormon. He races. His name is Landen and he is like late 30's. Pretty cool guy, He had a Ferrari 360 spider ahaha. So jealous... 
Oh and I am also in the ward choir... My companion loves to sing, so he drags me to choir, but it is good because the members really open up to us more. So we are building a lot of trust with them.  So I will sing in front of the ward and it is nerve racking! When we go practice, I have absolutely no idea what I am doing and I just try to sound like the rest of the people. I am in the bass section. Making a super low voice is funny.  Choir practice is like the show, ‘The Office’, basically, it is hilarious.  And I don't know if you guys know this but I have been out for 5 months now!  When I hit my 7 month mark I will be getting an IPad! The whole mission will be getting IPad in April! Super exciting! :) 
Oh, and Faith. She is slowly making progress. It is awesome though because like she says she’s not going to change but she is feeling the spirit and recognizing something she just doesn't know; so we hope she can continue to progress! We have started to figure out that what will work best with her are open ended questions. In our lesson with her, she is reading from the Book of Mormon and she knows it is true! So I asked her a question. Faith, if you knew something was true. What would you do? She said, “Well, I would consider all the things that bad could happen with the people around me.” Then I asked her, “Faith, what about the benefits that could happen with the people around you?”  She said she’s never thought of that before. So our questions are staying with her and she is thinking about them :) It’s pretty cool. I love talking to her and having a good gospel discussion. 

Everything is good. Time to just try and go make some things happen this week. 
I hope you are doing well :) I love you guys! And that is my report!


Elder Garrett Steven Harrington

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