Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 22: Morning works out, Wrestling Meet Greet Up & a Miracle!

What’s up everybody!! This week was pretty fun :)
We got to fix a washer! It was insane! And it was insanely cold! Everyone makes fun of me here because I cover my entire face. I wear ski goggles and a ski mask and a beanie. IT’S COLD OUTSIDE! We’re walking too! I am from California. I AM SUPPOSED TO STAY WARM! I tell them that and they just start laughing. But regardless of the weather, Colorado is soooooo beautiful. Mountains look so cool all decked out with snow and it’s just wonderful place to be here.
So remember how I said last week we were going to go work out with our investigator? Well we did. We worked out at 5:30 in the morning! It was insane!!!!!!!!!! Ha ha  So we did jump rope for a minute then went into a plank position and stick out our feet and touch them with our hands, alternating... did that for a minute. Then we did push-ups for a minute. Then we did burpees… Did that for 15 minutes. That was our warm up! Then we had like a two minute break, and me being the smart kid I am, I ate a banana before the work out… Then we did more of an ab work out and legs as well again. Then did this circuit of pull ups and bench and I didn't do the circuit. hahaha I  sat out before the circuit and I felt like I was going to throw up hahaha and I did! I ran outside of the gym and just pukedddddd. I just felt waaaaaaaaaay more better after that...
You know you get a real work out in when you puke... haha so now Raul calls me champ and then my ward mission leader calls me Elder Barffington. I am making a big time presence at Fox Hollow... haha But the work out was fun and we are going every Thursday now.  I am finally not sore anymore from the work out. It lasted all the way until Sunday. The altitude here is great and killer. haha I love it though. I feel very healthy here and that I can breathe!
So we were going to teach Raul but he needs to help out his parents. His dad is going through surgery so we hope that goes well.
Savannah went to church yesterday!! You have no idea how good that is :) Her parents have been very hesitant to her getting baptized. She has been going to Catholic Mass with her mom for the last two weeks and she came yesterday! She still wants to get baptized, but it’s just been a very sensitive situation so we are trying to help her out. We go over there every week to read scriptures with their family now and they are starting to really see that we are pretty similar and we are teaching good things! So hopefully soon… We will keep praying.
So we got to go to a wrestling meet this week too! IT WAS SOOOOO FUN! The members in our ward invited us to go to their son’s high school wrestling meet! And it was so awesome because we were supporting the school and we got our face in the community and showing everyone like hey we are normal people as well. We cheered on the school and the wrestlers and we got to meet some wrestlers. They were really nice and so we are planting some seeds and hoping to open some people’s hearts! We met a really nice family too, so we are going to go and try and meet with them sometime. I really have respect for wrestling now. Those guys work hard!
Then the same members, who invited us to a wrestling meet, invited us to this Chinese New Year party. It was a big one and again same as the wrestling meet! We met some awesome people and they asked us a lot of questions and they were very friendly and I think a lot of the people here are seeing that hey, Mormons are awesome and are really nice! They throw parties and do some great things! So we are doing our best to just try and meet everyone.
We also went tracting this week. I and Elder Farr have a hard time with tracting. So we faced our fears together. I really wanted to try a new tracting approach. haha I wanted to replace my fear with honesty and see what happens. I really wanted to knock on a door and say "Hi I am Elder Harrington! and I am extremely nervous to talk to you right now! whats your name?" hahaha I feel like they would be super confused if I just knocked on their door and said that. I hope it would lower their guard though and kind of see like wow. He’s a normal person. But then I would say "But I am confident enough because we are sharing a message about Christ and how much he loves us and how he can improve our life." I didn't do it though because I felt like it would have come across as pathetic and stuff, not confident. Takes away power, but we did go tracting and after you go tracting. You feel really good about yourself.
I don't know why but you just feel that you are pleasing your Heavenly Father because you are doing what he wants you to do even though you don't want to do it or you just feel uncomfortable doing it. I feel peace after I go tracting. So hopefully I can use that more of as motivation to go tracting some more, because I will feel peace. I am doing everything that the Lord asks of me. Just because I do that doesn't mean that everyone is going to accept my message but it does mean that they had the chance and that I helping the Lord and going through with this journey with him.
Oh and we had a miracle happen! :))))))))))))))))))))))) This is super cool!  A guy in our ward is a convert and he has three little adorable girls. They are amazing! 10, 9, and 7 are their ages and they have such a strong testimony! He was divorced a few years ago. He joined the church because he knew it was true and he needed to do it. The wife wouldn’t let the children get baptized, so after 2 or 3 years of the kids just wanting to get baptized. She finally agrees. They are now allowed to get baptized!! :) The girls are so happy and excited and we get to go through the missionaries lessons with them and prepare them for their baptism. It is soooooooo exciting :))))))))) SO ya! That's our week :)
I hope you had a good week as well :) Love you guys. GO GIVE THEM HEAVEN!


Elder Garrett Steven Harrington

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